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Bike week specials

Specials include anyone with a motorcycle gets our VIP which is $1 per minute, or 2 ladies for a 30 minute standard for only $60.00, or a 30 minute shower for $120, or an extra 15 minutes on any massage with 1 lady. Available now; Carrie, Brandy, Mia, Ashaya, Cici, Jessica, Dottie, and Layla. Mia is in training so if you choose Carrie or Layla then Mia can join free of charge.We are open until 1 am or later. walk-in welcome. for more information please call 814 456-0128, ask for Carrie

enjoy a relaxing massage

come get out of the rain and enjoy a relaxing massage with an extra 10 minutes on any massage. Available now; Ashaya, Carrie, Cici, Layla, Jess, Brandy, and Mia. We are open until 1 am.

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